Indelox Technologies, with nearly two decades in existence, is an established player in Supply Chain Management, certified with AS 9120 and managing several customers in managing their commercial functions and inventory. Indelox Technologies was promoted with a vision to make Manufacturing supply chain deliver products and sub assembly to add efficiency in manufacturing. Promoters have rich experience of more than 165 years and hands on experience in development , product integration, interconnect, proto typing, and feasibility testing in the area of design engineering analysis, testing sourcing and best manufacturing practices coupled with Supply Chain and Operations.

Our Business model at INDELOX is focused on having Local Presence in all the markets that we serve and adding exceptional value to every requirement of your procurement process. We can offer one stop solutions on hard to locate products with unparalleled response time. We will meet your production needs while saving you the time money and paper work Rest assured we have over 50 +years of sourcing, Procurement, storing and supplying as per the needs of different customer at different desired point and our goal is to make your job easy as possible

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